Recycling Pirates

"This show needs to be in every school." Jeannie Flinchbaugh,  
Head Start asst.  Parklawn Elementary School ( FCPS) 

A rollicking musical about puppet characters created from trash.   Led by Captain Jack Sparetire, they sail the urban seas looking for things to recycle, reuse, reduce and repair.   

       A great way to teach children about recycling. 

This show originally titled Junkyard Pirates,  was created under a Commission from the Wolf Trap Foundation and the Henson Foundation with DinoRock (Michele Valerie and Ingrid Crepeau).    It appeared for 3 years (2009-2011) as the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning's field trip performance at their education center.

Now it is available for groups like yours! 

A little girl named Shelley helps by taking out the trash.

One day a pirate seizes her trash and claims it's full of treasure

The pirates teach her about their favorite letter "R".  

She follows them to their junkyard where she learns to reduce her use, recycle, repair and reuse.

A playful little dog named Rags works for the monster Landfill.

Red shows Shelley the wagon he repaired by adding a wheel.

The pirates have a machine to recycle plastic!

 Everyone has to help defeat the monster landfill

Even Rags wants to recycle.

    Everyone joins the crew!


  • My 1st graders loved the show!  They were engaged.  They were entertained.  They learned!    The new 1st grade EIC has a unit on recycling and taking care of the earth.  It fit in PERFECTLY with the unit!   Stacey Lynch  1st grade teacher Stedwick Elementary   Gaithersburg, MD
  •   In my 25 year here teaching the fours this is the best program I have ever seen.  The  children were focused the whole time , and the adults loved it too.  Linda 4yr old class        Julia Binderman Center  Washington Hebrew Congregation Potomac MD. 

  • The kindergarten children seemed to really enjoy it.  They learned a lot of helpful information that thy can use in school as well as at home.  I think that the program was very appropriate for the children in my class.   I would recommend this program to other schools.     Michele Poole   k teacher  Stedwick Elementary     Gaithersburg, MD

  • Last week ( 3/7/12) we had GoodLife Theater into Stedwick E.S. to present The Recycling Pirates to our K & 1st grades.  It was a complete success!  The student were engaged the whole time, and the teachers loved it as well.  One teacher even said it was the best show she’s ever seen at the school.    I am compelled to share this with all of you because I typically do not like puppet shows.  This one impressed me at showcases, and turned out to be even more fantastic than I could have imagined.  My only regret was that we didn’t have room to include our 2nd grade.  I highly recommend The Recycling Pirates for students through 2nd grade.  Lydia Gettys parent & program coordinator