Crooning With the Critters

Join Jeannie and Joe from the GoodLife Theater as they travel the world of our imaginations singing about animals in this interactive musical show featuring  puppets, live music and lots of songs about our animal friends from the farm, to the jungle, to the deep blue sea. 


"We've got some instruments and some puppets, but we need more 
crooners, that's you, the singers.  Will you help us?"

Using songs about animals we go on an imaginary journey.  Our first stop is a farm.  

"There are lots of animals on a farm" 



The songs here are Grandpa's Farm, BINGO, and Garden Friends. 


 The children use their own hands to create hand puppets of honey bees, butterflies, and singing birds for the garden friends song.

"OK, Put out your fist. Stick out your thumb to make a stinger. BZZZ!      Put them away behind your back."

We go for a whale watch.  The children make the whales jump.

We meet a variety of whales including "Baby Beluga".

Gale force winds blow until we crash into Africa 
"Look at this beach!  The sand goes on forever.  Wait!  That's no beach!  It's a desert!!!"

We need a dromedary          (a one-humped camel)        to camel-ride across the desert.

Africa has lots of animals but it will take all the crooners and a lullaby to put a hungry lion to sleep.

  "But how will we get home?  The boat was destroyed by the crash."

How about a ballon ride!