The Three Problem Solving Pigs

The three Problem Solving Pigs is a STEM based treatment of the time honored fairy tale the Three Little Pigs, and their efforts to outwit the big bad wolf.  It features an Engineering approach to problem solving for early learners that we've dubbed "The Six Step Shuffle" as well as an introduction to simple machines.

"I'm not really bad...Just hungry!"

After we teach the children the Six Step Shuffle.  We meet the big bad wolf.

Mama Pig is on her way to her mudbath.  She assures the audience her 3 little pigs are well prepared for the world outside.
Off to her mudbath
 The Pigs hear the wolf and make a plan and build a house of straw

 Straw is no match for the wolf.

 Maybe a Stick house will be stronger!

Yikes!  Run for it!

 After the Pigs learn about simple machines from Ms Jeanne, they decide to tackle a brick house.  Wheels and axles help them move the supplies, levers and inclined planes help them with heavy items, and a pulley brings the last of the supplies to the top floor to finish the brick house just in time.
No wolf can blow down that house.  

The wolf decides to use the six steps himself and makes a disguise to fool the pigs

Will the wolf fool the pigs?   Find out and learn engineerings six steps for solving problems.

 The Six Step Shuffle by Jeanne Wall
Step 1: What's the problem?  What needs to be done?
Step 2: Make a plan decide what to do.
Step 3: Build it very carefully.
Step 4: Test it try it out to be sure.
Step 5: If it doesn't work no need to cry.  Shuffle on back for another try.  (redesign)
Step 6: If it does work, share the results and spread the news, that when I have a problem, something I need, I use engineering's six steps to succeed.